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Mar 04, 2024


1. a person who has a love of books and especially of reading. 2. a person who is involved in the writing, publishing, or selling of books. Oh, hi that's me!!

Tech Billionaires: I tore through Naomi Alderman's The Future, which plays with the idea that the billionaires building attention-consuming machines are indeed, evil. Fans of tech news or books like The Circle will enjoy this novel, and I thought it was a fun, nightmarish read with the love story between two women powering some interesting twists and turns. BTW, this is from the same author of The Power, which people loved but admittedly I never could get through. It's fun (for me) to find that I might not have loved one book by an author but can definitely love the next one. Keeps me open minded.

What I'm writing: I'm not. LOL but I am research-reading (I think we just call this “researching” but whatever)!! Serious question, have any of your read novels that deal with astrologers or astrology as a central character or theme? Reply and LMK the titles!!


What gets passed down becomes our history.
A few for the canon: 
I had a 16 hour drive last week and let me tell you, I do not recommend. Unless of course you're in dire need of devouring your entire podcast library in one sitting. I listened to a bunch of good stuff but the episode from Culture Study that I'm still thinking about is:
Is Divorce Actually Contagious? I'd say the title is misleading compared to the actual dialogue, which was about why women stay in marriages that make them miserable (read: forces of the patriarchy), how relationship status defines way more than our romantic lives, and the type of freedom that can be on the other side of some really hard choices. I have no opinion on divorce one way or another, but the older I get the more I see the institution of marriage as “outdated tech” (as one friend called it). But then again ask me a year from now and I might be saying my vows on an altar somewhere because I tend to seriously waffle on this topic.


Stories are heirlooms.
Here's one of mine:
I have a weird obsession with parenting content. I don't have kids. Nor are they on the near-term horizon. But I JUST DIG PARENTING CONTENT. I recently listened to three hours of parenting protocols between
Dr. Becky and Andrew Huberman (see above: long drive) and then proceeded to send it everyone I talked to that day who has kids. Something about the psychology of it all, the humanness of it all, the universality of the fact we all have's fascinating to me. Highly recommend this podcast episode, parent or not. I was left considering how the power of healthy relating can influence entire generations, one child at a time.


My words are written just for you.