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Jun 04, 2024


Bookman: 1. a person who has a love of books and especially of reading. 2. a person who is involved in the writing, publishing, or selling of books. Oh, hi that's me!!

I'm re-reading: I'm not a girl who re-reads, but I've got Big Magic by Liz Gilbert open again. The last time I read it was 9 years ago in a “high incubation” period of my life. I feel myself there again, with some projects complete, and some projects percolating. I'm finding myself batting away intrusive thoughts like “well what will happen to what I any of this art I've made going to see the light of day...why am I even doing this”. If you liked The Artists Way you'll love Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. For the creative, artist, maker, producer (of anything) in you, this is a beautiful pep talk from a woman I admire for her ability to just...keep...creating.

What I'm writing: This week I kick-off my writing coach's new small-group program to begin my second novel that involves American history, astrology, and a woman who was barred, tried, and demonized, and yet still she prevailed. I know my main character, but I don't know her well enough yet to know what story I'm telling. I'll let you know what I find out between now and next week ;)


What gets passed down becomes our history. A few for the canon:

Mexico has its first female president and I am JEALOUS that they beat us to it. This is not a country known to be woman friendly, so I was curious how Mexico, specifically, got there. This article in TIME is a great backtrack on the history and decisions dating back to 1996 that led to this historic election of Claudia Sheinbaum.


Stories are heirlooms. Here's one of mine:

I just concluded the trip of a lifetime with four of my best girlfriends in Rio de Janeiro. When I tell you I'm absolutely in awe of their ability to show up as a good friend, I mean it. They make funny moments funnier. They can hold the grief and disappointment of another without looking away. They can call out the BS with love and a well-landed joke. They handle the hangry as well as they pick delicious wines. Endlessly curious and hilarious and supportive and loving – they are SKILLED at friendship. I'm so lucky was all I could think about when our trip concluded in the living room with a completely unhinged dance party with a 3-year-old over pizza and wine.

And actually, we can all work to be so lucky. Because we can all get better at this whole friendship thing, which friendship expert Shasta Nelson calls “Frientimacy”. And she has a new podcast dropping that goes full force into how we find our way to more fulfilling friendships. I recommend Shasta's work to everyone I know, and I'm excited to add these episodes to the mix!

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