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Jealousy Is Trying To Tell You Something

Sep 07, 2023

Jealousy is such a powerful feeling that no one talks about. We do not like to admit when we’re jealous, and we sure as heck don’t typically feel good about feeling jealous. It can be...sorta shameful? But it’s normal. Natural. common.

So this is probably a great time to admit that I feel jealous like...often enough? And I think I’ve talked about the feelings of that experience to exactly zero people? For a million reasons but probably not the one that you think...which is that I don’t feel bad for feeling jealous. Because I know what it’s telling me which is a really good thing.

Y’all know the jealous feels I’m talking about. Sometimes it shows up as jealousy or low level resentment or just a retraction that happens at the center of your heart. You want to be excited for someone, but your chest sorta pulls back, caves in, and feels...lack. Maybe someone posted a photo of their new boo or baby or summer trip and you’re like UGH, or maybe they announce they got a new amazing job and you’re like SURE, or maybe they got a cool piece of press for their biz and you’re like WHY NOT ME.

That rage voice is actually jealousy telling you something. It’s saying hey girl hey maybe there are some seeds of potential inside of you that could use some attention & action. Not to go after exactly what they have in their possession. But to figure out where you're stuck and go after your own version of loveliness.

Let me give you an example: If you walk into someone’s home that they have in a state you’d never want to live in and it looks literally nothing like anything you’d ever want to own...but you still feel jealous...instead of deciding you’re a horrible and immature person who just wants what other people have...try exploring what’s actually under those jealous feelings about the house you don’t want that you’re weirdly jealous of. Is it because you’re not saving enough money to own your own home? Is it because they’ve found a partner they want to build a home with and you’d like to be doing that too? Is it because their home is clean and welcoming and you’ve been keeping yours messy, dirty and not guest-friendly?

The thing or people we feel jealousy around is never the actual thing we’re jealous of. But if you take a minute to look at what’s under the jealousy (like actually under it) – you’ll stop beating yourself up and start having clarity about the areas of your life that you’re not giving the attention they deserve. Jealousy is actually really powerful at getting you unstuck, provided you sit with it. And then travel underneath it.

Jealousy is a sign that you’re not meeting yourself where she wants to be met. So why don’t you go ahead and show up for yourself by doing something small. Anything at all. You’ll be so busy feeling great from those actions taken toward yourself that you wont have time to feel jealous about others.

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