Feeling lost and confused about your career?

The Un-Goal Method is Your Answer

No risky leaps or spending hours on self-improvement required to make a change.

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How high-achieving women use the Un-Goal Method to make huge moves, pursue something new and skyrocket their careers without wasting years feeling confused about what’s next.


#1: Immediately eliminate confusion about what to do right now.

Know where to focus, so you can return to clarity without needing huge goals to see big results.

#2: Put a stop to “searching” once and for all. 

Get all that precious energy back! Cuz, hi, searching is exhausting. And draining. Yes, there is another (easier!) way to find answers.

#3: Feel like the best version of yourself (finally!). 

Quit feeling like a shell of a human, and begin to trust yourself on which next career move is going to be the move. This method returns you to your own power. 

#4: Release the pressure of having your future all perfectly figured out.

You want to get it right. And you will. Following the Un-Goal Method guarantees you can chill out and still play big. 

#5: Make your next move with excitement instead of doubt. 

Bc doubt-spirals are real. Move forward with joy instead of obsessing over outcomes. 

I'm in. Let's do this! ยป

About Your Speaker, Maxie McCoy



Maxie McCoy is a facilitator of women’s stories. She’s the author of You're Not Lost: An Inspired Action Plan for Finding Your Own Way, which Refinery29 has called one of the top career books for women. Committed to the global rise of women, Maxie is the host and Executive Producer of WOMAN ON, a new talk show concept that moves women forward.

Join this live workshop if:

  • You’re spinning your wheels at work and need a change but don’t know which one to pursue.
  • You'd like to know what steps to take if you have a fuzzy idea about “what’s next” but have no idea where to start.
  • You'd like to understand how to trust your choices and decisions.
  • You'd like to learn how to stop putting so much pressure on yourself so your days feel more enjoyable.
  • You want evidence-based strategies for combating your doubt.
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