Ready to FINALLY write your book?!

2024 is your year!


Imagine you’ve written your very first book. It’s on a shelf at your favorite book store. You’re signing copies and taking selfies with readers. 

But you’re probably wondering…where do I begin?

In this 60 minute event with me, Maxie McCoy, you’ll know exactly where to begin, what to do next, and what to do after that.

Duration: 1 Hour Class

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Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to overcome the doubt that keeps you from accomplishing this dream
  • The most important thing to decide before you start writing
  • The one filter that can guarantee you’re writing something great
  • What to consider when choosing between self publishing or traditional publishing
  • Two words that will help you write a standout book proposal
  • We’ll break down the six sections of a book proposal and how to take each one from good to great
  • The main difference between authors who publish and writers who don’t (and no, it’s not a “platform”)
  • A secret weapon that can help you find the perfect literary agent for you
  • How to know if you need outside help or not (trick question! You do. We’ll talk about the different support groups to consider)

Everyone can write a book!

But not everyone knows how to get published. 

Why this is the class you’ve been waiting for:

You have questions about books and book deals! And I have answers.

I’ve got a lot to say. I’m unpacking all my publishing experience as an author and as a ghostwriter to celebrities, influencers and executives.

From my mouth to your ears, I’ll be dishing on everything you need to know to move forward on your book journey.

Consider this the most inspiring session you’ve ever joined. Because once we’re done, you’ll be off to the book races!

That’s a lot to do in just 60 minutes.

The best part of a book dream? You don’t have to do it on your own!

I’ll be guiding you and other book dreamers through everything you need to know to start.

Duration: 1 Hour

Take the class!

Why I’m doing this:

I help people write books. As a ghostwriter who has worked with TV stars, iconic executives, and hilarious influencers, I’ve been through the ups and downs of book publishing many, many times over. I’ve accompanied women through the early, early stages of their idea all the way to their books on a shelf at bookstores.

That knowledge shouldn’t be reserved just for some. I want my wisdom to help everyone! I’m a facilitator of women’s stories. This event is sorta what I do. 

Because I was in your shoes once. I’d wanted to write a book my entire life. 

Before I was a Wall Street Journal bestselling ghostwriter, I was just like you. I wanted to write a book but had no idea where to begin.

I didn’t know anything about how to get a book published.

Sure, I could Google. But there’s so much information out there. Too much. I know I was a grown ass woman, but I sorta wanted someone to hold my hand? To tell me what actually applied to me.

Thanks to one amazing, amazing mentor…I got that. And my dream eventually became a reality.

I worked for two years on a book proposal. I saw it through many edits. Then I got my first book deal. 

In 2018 my first book, You’re Not Lost, came out and exceeded even my wildest dreams. From a whirlwind book tour, to crazy long lines of women waiting to get their book signed, speaking on stages around the world, and hearing readers’ stories of transformation…I was stunned. 

I never knew how powerful a book could be. My book had commercial success, too. Refinery29 named it the best career book for women. Apple Books named it one of the best books for finding your purpose (alongside my heroes like Brene Brown, Liz Gilbert and Shonda Rhimes)

I started with just a dream and a few ideas. I was where you are, and you can be where I am. 

You just need some personalized direction and guidance, which is exactly what I’ll be delivering in my session. 

Class Duration: 1 Hour

Yes, I want in!


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