$49.00 USD

Class: So you want to write a book?

Duration: 1 Hour Class

Everyone can write a book! But not everyone knows how to get published.

From my mouth to your ears, I'll be dishing on everything you need to know to move forward on your book journey.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome the doubt that keeps you from accomplishing this dream

  • The most important thing to decide before you start writing

  • The one filter that can guarantee you’re writing something great

  • What to consider when choosing between self publishing or traditional publishing

  • Two words that will help you write a standout book proposal

  • We’ll break down the six sections of a book proposal and how to take each one from good to great

  • The main difference between authors who publish and writers who don’t (an no, it’s not a “platform”)

  • A secret weapon that can help you find the perfect literary agent for you

  • How to know if you need outside help or not (trick question! You do. We’ll talk about the different support groups to consider)